Crushing and pressing in January. Fermentation and maceration of the must in contact with the skins, aging in tonneaux for 30 months


Casks and Tonneaux

The aging of red wines takes place only in medium and large tonneaux and casks, in order to bring the wines to a more delicate and natural maturation, preserving freshness.


The Fruttaio is the place where traditionally the slow drying of the grapes destined for the production of Amarone and Recioto takes place. Hand-selected grapes rest here, every year, from September until December.


Our Amarone Riserva ages in amphorae. Terracotta has an extraordinary thermal insulation capacity and the advantage of not releasing any flavor. This simplicity respects the unique character and individuality of our grapes and preserves the sensuality of the Valpolicella terroir.